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The 6 most beautiful nature reserves in North Brabant

The 5 most beautiful nature reserves in North Brabant

08 July 2022

Brabant has beautiful nature reserves, which are popular with walking and cycling enthusiasts. From the Loonse en Drunense Duinen, a piece of National Park de Biesbosch to the Groene Woud. Every piece of nature has its own unique characteristics and everywhere you can go to relax. We have listed 5 nature reserves in Brabant:

Biesbosch National Park

De Biesbosch National Park is the largest freshwater tidal area in Europe and that makes the area unique in its kind. Rent a sloop, join one of the whisper boats or walk the line path.. in the Biesbosch you can enjoy the water and nature for hours. The most popular admirer of the Biesbosch in the beaver, there is a good chance that you will encounter it during your boat trip. You also have a good chance of seeing foxes, deer, pine martens, hares and the northern vole. You do need a lot of patience though! Our tip is also to visit the Biesbosch Museum , here you can learn everything about the origins and more.

When are you going to the Biesbosch? View more information here .

The Loonse and Drunense Dunes

The Loonse en Drunense Duinen is a national park between Tilburg and Den Bosch. Here you will find sandy plains, forests, water features and beautiful purple heather. A flock of sheep walks around on this heath to naturally maintain the heath. You have several catering establishments in the park, where you can relax while cycling.

Find more information about the Loonse en Drunense Duinen here.

Border Park De Groote Heide

De Grote Heide consists of 6,000 hectares of nature reserve and is located between Eindhoven and the Belgian border. The park has several entrance gates, all of which are a good starting point for a cycling or walking tour. From these starting points you can reach De Achelse Kluis in no time, a beautiful monastery in the middle of the nature reserve. Here you can enjoy the tranquility with a coffee or beer. In this area you have heath, forests, fens and lakes.. everywhere you come within this area is different.

More information about Groote Heide can be found here.

The Mastbos in Breda

The Mastbos in Breda is sometimes called the 'backyard of Breda', because this beautiful forest was created by Hendrik van Nassau. The forest also has a boardwalk that you can walk on, which was built to celebrate its 500th anniversary. You will find more information about the Mastbos here.

Photo: Welcome to Breda

The Oisterwijkse Bossen and Fens

This nature reserve is a hidden gem for anyone who is not from Brabant. This forest area is wonderfully cozy, during your walking route you will come across various fens and hidden heathlands. There are also many look-throughs and benches where you can enjoy it. V

View here 5 beautiful hiking trails in this area.


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