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Bastion Hotel Rotterdam Alexander

Hoofdweg 40 , 3067 GH Rotterdam
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Hotel Rotterdam Alexander

Bastion Hotel Rotterdam Alexander is a 4-star hotel which offers 105 Deluxe rooms. Due to the convenient location near the A20, A16 and the Terbregseplein, shopping mall Alexandrium, Ahoy Rotterdam, Stadium De Kuip and The Markthal are very easy to reach from Bastion Hotel Alexander. Railway station Rotterdam Alexander is a 20-minute walk from the hotel. From here, you can take the train to travel to your destination in the vicinity of Rotterdam. Additionally, Rotterdam The Hague Airport is just a 20-minute drive by car. Partly because of the location and easy accessibility, our guests love to stay at our Hotel Rotterdam Alexander. Guests can park their car for free during their stay (subject to availability).We also offer guests free WiFi throughout the hotel. Are you looking for an affordable hotel in Rotterdam? Choose Bastion Hotel Rotterdam Alexander!

  • Free WiFi throughout the entire hotel
  • Complimentary parking
  • Free fitness facilities
  • Easily accessible by car
  • Close to the city centre and Rotterdam Airport

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Deluxe Room

Size 24 m2 - Airconditioning - Free Wifi - TV - Workplace

Two single beds, LCD TV, safe, fridge coffee, airco, bathroom with toilet, shower and hairdryer, comfortable sitting area, large working desk and free WiFi. Non-smoking room.

max. 2
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