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Bastion Hotels and Green Globe

Green Globe - Sustainability

Bastion Hotels and Green Globe

Bastion Hotels Corporate Social Responsibility

The 4 pillars of Green Globe

Bastion Hotels has a strong interest in a healthy, vital, sustainable and livable environment. We believe that every company in its own way can contribute to the environment and to its environment. Together with our partner in sustainability, let us advise and guide you every day to be a little bit more sustainable. We as a group of 34 hotels can transform small steps for big results.

We work with the 4 pillars of partner Green Globe to identify sustainability at different levels and to understand, to define as clearly as possible targets. The pillars are:

  • Water management
  • Energy management
  • Waste management
  • Social and situational awareness

The various pillars activates our organization to staff and guests aware of sustainability.

1. Water management

When we talk about water, we are talking about reducing our water usage and less possible polluting our water. We have a number of actions which have already been completed and which are still in progress.

  • Toilet flushes by up to 6L of water per flush by
  • Toilet has an additional stop button for smaller water ingress
  • Economical faucets with a water flow of up to 7L per minute
  • No landscaping with irrigation water needed
  • Laundry for linen with a BREEAM certification. The durable laundry Netherlands

2. Energy management

To gain insight into our consumption we requested a sustainability management office to guide us.
This party try to reduce energy consumption variety of useful ways.

The following tools we are already using:

  • The use of time clocks
  • Light sensors
  • Top cooling air conditioners
  • Sustainable purchasing green power
  • Monitors guests routing associated with shower water temperature settings and room heating
  • Efficient heat schedule in relation room layout guest

3. Waste management

Together with our partner Sita and Renewi we try to separate our waste as sustainably as possible.

We separate:

  • Glass
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Electronics
  • Linen
  • Residual waste

4. Social and environmental awareness

Bastion Hotels is a company composed by people and for people. No guests, no hotel. No employees, no hotel.
We have divided our region into four regions.

  • Northern Region Netherlands
  • Middle Region Netherlands
  • Southern Region Netherlands

What an impact this region division at the Bastion Hotel and its surroundings?

  • Providing jobs to local companies
  • To provide work at many different levels at the local level
  • Opportunities for new labor. Even where the labor market has a downward trend
  • Our hotels are often located outside the center. Development of nature in areas beyond the periphery we stimulate by sponsoring natuurmonumenten

How about this social and social level?

  • We have good career opportunities and training that can stimulate development.
  • We look at the quality and attitude of the person
  • In our hotels, the distribution manager 80% female and 20% male
  • By working employees in the area, we keep the travel time for employees remain limited and the Public Transport and car mileage limits
  • The support of local foundations and organizations, we certainly do. We therefore work with an organization that can operate locally on a national level

Both people by supporting the Zonnebloem Foundation and for animals and the environment through the Preservation of Nature.

More information about Bastion Hotels and sustainability can be found in our procurement and sustainability plan.

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