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Bastion Hotel Leiden Oegstgeest

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Staying at Hotel Leiden Oegstgeest

The 3-star Bastion Hotel Leiden Oegstgeest offers 60 Comfort rooms and an à la carte restaurant. The hotel is a guest favourite because of its central location along the A44 motorway between Leiden and Oegstgeest. An overnight stay can therefore easily be combined with a visit to Katwijk, Noordwijk, Leiden, The Hague, or the annual Bloemenstreek Flower Parade. Parking is always free at Bastion Hotel Leiden Oegstgeest.


  • Free Wi-Fi in the entire hotel
  • Free parking at the hotel
  • Easy to reach by car
  • Near the flower auction of Rijnsburg and The Hague
  • Located near the centre of Leiden, the town of Katwijk and the beach

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Comfort room

Size 18 m2 - Airconditioning - Shower - Free Wifi - TV

Two single beds, LCD flat screen TV, safe, telephone, refrigerator, airconditioning, coffee making facilities, bathroom with shower and toilet, free WiFi. All rooms are non-smoking.

max. 2
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Price per room incl. 9% VAT, excl. local tax

Bastion Hotel Voorschoten - Hotelroom
1 / 2
Bastion Hotel Voorschoten - Hotelroom
2 / 2

Deluxe King kamer

Size 28 m2 - Airconditioning - Shower - Free Wifi - TV - Workplace

Één kingsize bed (breedte: 2 mtr.) voor twee personen, TV, kluis, telefoon, koelkast, koffiefaciliteiten, ruime badkamer met inloopdouche, toilet, föhn, bureau, gratis WiFI. Roken is niet toegestaan.

max. Max 2 personen
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Price per room incl. 9% VAT, excl. local tax

Deluxe King kamer
1 / 3
Deluxe King kamer
2 / 3
Deluxe King kamer
3 / 3

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Reviews Hotel Oegstgeest

657 reviews
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Friendly staff
Clean room. The floor was dirty, there were peanuts and chips under the bed and an empty bottle.
Bathroom sink
More food variety, access to bathroom sink in very difficult and should be improved.
Conviniently located.Clean and quiet.Very good value for money.
I like the way it is.
free parking
there are only comfort rooms (very small)very small bathroominclude foreign tv news channels (bbc, cnn, cgtn etc)
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