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Request a fixed price / charge after your stay

Get more out of your business account

Get more out of your business account

Book set rates

The prices of hotel accommodations can fluctuate a lot. In order to prevent unpleasant surprises, Bastion Hotels offers business guests the possibility to book at a fixed price. Fixed prices are possible both at hotel chain level and for specific hotels. Offering a sharp fixed price is only possible when you expect to stay more than 250 nights on a chain level or more than 100 nights in a specific hotel on a yearly basis. If you expect to do fewer nights on a yearly basis, then the current business rate is the most attractive.

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Post-stay billing

Bastion Hotels is one of the few hotel chains offering the service of post-stay billing. To apply for post-stay billing your company has to meet these qualifications, your company must:

  • Be registered with the chamber of commerce (KVK) for a minimum of one year
  • Successfully pass our credit check procedure

Associations and foundations do not qualify. In case your company doesn’t meet these criteria, you’ll still be able to take full advantage of our discounted business rates through your account.

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Additional information for determining your best rate

To determine how we can offer you the best fixed rate, we need additional information from you. The more specific information you will provide to us, the better we can determine the best rate for you.

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