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6x the most beautiful cycling routes in the Netherlands

27 February 2023

Enjoy the first rays of sun on your face, the soothing sounds of nature or just the warmth of the city during a bike ride in our little country. The Netherlands has a lot of beautiful cycling routes. We have selected the most beautiful routes for you!

Discover Dordrecht on two wheels   (33.4km)

Did you know that Dordrecht is located on an island? The city is surrounded by the rivers Merwede, Hollands Diep, Dordtsche Kil and the Oude Maas. The city has a rich history that goes back to the Middle Ages and is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. You start your bike ride of about 2 hours through the atmospheric and old city center of Dordrecht. Then you cycle to the island. From there you can take the ferry to go to the Biesbosch, where you can enjoy the peace and beautiful nature. More information can be found on the InDordrecht website . View the cycling route here!




Along the heritage of Philips (36 km)

Eindhoven is number 5 of the top 10 largest cities in the Netherlands! The city is known for its innovative industry and design. We have also found a beautiful cycling route here: the Phillips route. During this route you will cycle past several historic Phillips locations. Let the industrial history surprise you and experience the past of the city of lights. During this cycle route of approximately 2.5 hours you can start at nodes 28 or 29. These nodes are close to Bastion Hotel Eindhoven. View the cycling route here!



Exploring the center of Maastricht, by bike! (48.9km)

Maastricht is known for its historic city center, carnival and exuberant lifestyle. The center is located on the banks of the river Maas and is bursting with history! And it shows, because Maastricht still has many city walls, medieval churches and squares. The starting point of this bike tour is Maastricht Central Station, an 8-minute bike ride from Bastion Hotel Maastricht. During this bike ride of almost 3 hours you will cycle past various highlights of the city, such as the Market Square, the Maas and the beautiful surrounding nature. Curious about the cycling route? Check it out right here!




Along the windmills of the Zaanse Schans   (51km)

One of the most important sights in Zaandam is the Zaanse Schans. A historic village with characteristic wooden houses, windmills and museums that show the Zaan craft and industry. Here you can see how clogs, cheese, soap and other products were made in the 18th and 19th centuries. Cycling is a popular activity in the Zaandam area and there are many beautiful cycling routes. A the most famous is the Zaanse Schans cycle route, which takes about 3.5 hours. View the route here!




Cycling over the John Frost Bridge (47 km)

Cycling is a popular way to explore the city and surroundings of Arnhem. The John Frostbrug cycle route takes you past the main sights of Arnhem within about 3 hours. Including, the name says it all, the John Frost Bridge! This bridge is famous for the Battle of Arnhem in World War II . During this route you cycle past the central station, Sonsbeekpark and the Korenmarkt. You can start the cycle route at junction 35, which is close to Bastion Hotel Arnhem! View the cycling route here.



Discover Apeldoorn (57 km)

One of the most popular cycling routes in Apeldoorn is the Royal Route. During this cycle route you will cycle past various historical sights and castles, including Paleis het Loo . Paleis het Loo was designed by the Dutch architect Jacob Roman and the French architect Daniel Marot. The palace is known for its symmetrical design and baroque style, with richly decorated facades and gardens. Incredibly beautiful to cycle past and admire! From Bastion Hotel Apeldoorn you can start at node 84. View the cycle route here!




Cycling package

Combine one of these fun cycling routes with the cycling package of Bastion Hotels! View the deal here for more information.

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