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Top 8 most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands that you must visit

Top 8 most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands that you must visit

16 June 2023

The beach towels can be taken out of the closet and the parasol can be unfolded again! With no less than 450 kilometers of coastline, summer is the ideal time to discover the most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is bursting with beaches; from the Wassenaarse Slag to the beach of IJmuiden. We have listed the top 8 most beautiful places in the Netherlands for you.

Relaxing on the beach of IJmuiden

It is not without reason that IJmuiden Beach is on the list of most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands! Fancy a day at the beach in the summer where the sea determines the rhythm of the day? Then set course for IJmuiden Beach. This gem on the Dutch coast is known for its vast sandy plains and is perfect for a day of complete relaxation with your feet in the sand. Wind and kite surfers will always find the wind in their sails here, while gourmets can sit down at one of the five beach pavilions. The beach bars serve fresh fish dishes every day.

IJmuiden Beach is easily accessible and there is plenty of parking within walking distance. Did you know that IJmuiden and its surroundings are also really beautiful. Put on your walking shoes and explore the historic World War II bunkers hidden in the Dutch dunes just behind the beach. Or walk through the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park. Who knows, you might even come across grazing Scottish Highlanders...


Rest on the 'quiet' beach of Rockanje

Escape the daily grind? Rockanje is calling you! This beautiful beach is no less than 8.5 kilometers long and an average of 17 meters wide. You will find plenty of parking at the Badstrand, especially at the 1st and 2nd turns. These parts are therefore the busiest in the summer months. Our tip is to walk a little further, because it quickly becomes quieter here. Rockanje is an oasis of peace and very child-friendly. Water lovers can also indulge themselves here with numerous water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing and paddleboarding.

And when the sun sets, why not enjoy a cocktail or delicious dinner at one of the cozy beach pavilions. Do you really want to relax in peace and quiet without children and fanatics? At Rockanje you have the Silent Beach. During the busy summer months you will find plenty of peace and space here. The Stille Strand runs from the Haringvlietdam to the Badstrand.

Photo: OP Voorne Putten


Combine beach and nature at the Wassenaarse Slag

North of The Hague you will find the Wassenaarse Slag. A beautiful piece of coastline that goes hand in hand with rugged nature. You can reach this 8 kilometer long beach in the Netherlands via the Meijendel nature reserve. This extensive dune area is rich in flora and fauna and offers beautiful walking and cycling paths that lead you directly to the Wassenaarse Slag. You may encounter Scottish Highlanders along the way or spot one of the many bird species! Once you arrive on the coast, you will find several catering establishments where you can enjoy a snack and drink with a beautiful view of the North Sea. Sailing and surfing enthusiasts can brave the waves while sun lovers can enjoy the sand and beach pavilions.

The combination of the vast Meijendel and the bustling Wassenaarse Slag makes this stretch of coast one of the most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands. The beach is easily accessible by car and there are also several large parking facilities.


With your feet in the sand at Kijkduin

When you think of a day at the beach in The Hague, you quickly think of Scheveningen. But there is another beautiful beach near The Hague, namely Kijkduin! Did you know that Kijkduin is also called the little sister of Scheveningen? You've come to the right place for a quiet, sun-drenched day at the beach. The dunes also invite you to take a relaxing walk where you can feel the salty sea air deep in your lungs, while the sea breeze blows gently through your hair.

What really sets Kijkduin apart are the fantastic views of the North Sea. Especially during sunset! On the edge of Kijkduin is the Zuiderstrand, the quiet part of Kijkduin. This 'quiet beach' is less known and less visited. You will mainly find local people there. That makes it the ideal place for a peaceful day at this coastal town in the Netherlands.


Stroll along the boulevard of Katwijk aan Zee

This beautiful beach in North Holland combines the charm of an old fishing village with the vast, golden beach. The waves at Katwijk aan Zee are waiting for you! It is the place where you can enjoy the Dutch coastline and experience a piece of authentic Dutch culture at the same time. Stroll along the sand that stretches no less than 4 kilometers long. Stroll along the boulevard full of shops and eateries, from traditional fish stalls to trendy beach bars.

Don't like sunbathing? No problem! There are also various water sports available at Katwijk aan Zee, the dunes can be explored by bike or on foot and you can experience culture at the Katwijks Museum where you can learn more about the rich maritime history of the village.

The beach of Katwijk aan Zee received the Blue Flag for the 16th time in 2024 and the Green Pennant for the 7th time! This means that clean bathing water and a clean beach are guaranteed.


Fun at Bloemendaal aan Zee

For the ultimate beach experience with sun and sea, you should visit the seaside resort of Bloemendaal aan Zee. The beach is no less than 4.3 kilometers long and runs from Zandvoort to Velsen. If you like a party, Bloemendaal aan Zee is the right place. Immerse yourself in the relaxed vibe of Bloemendaal at one of the many hip beach pavilions or lively beach clubs that last until the early hours. Enjoy the music and dance to the rhythm while enjoying the best live DJ sets.

But Bloemendaal aan Zee is more than just a party paradise. Head out for a walk along the waterline or explore the protected dunes. Be sure to bring your four-legged friend, because there is an off-leash area for dogs at Bloemendaal beach. Bloemendaal Beach is easily accessible by bicycle, car and public transport.


Zandvoort: shopping, walking and relaxing on the beach

Switch to the next gear, because in Zandvoort the speed of the circuit goes hand in hand with the peaceful beaches. Zandvoort is known for its iconic race circuit, highly recommended for speed demons to visit. But Zandvoort is also the right place for beach lovers. The sandy beach is perfect for sunbathing, swimming and surfing. While the lively boulevard full of terraces and trendy beach clubs calls you to enjoy a delicious cold drink. Also visit the cozy town or visit the local market to taste local delicacies.


The glamorous Noordwijk aan Zee

Noordwijk aan Zee is the glamorous gem of the Dutch coastline. It is the destination for those who want beach and style seamlessly combined. With its extensive beaches, it is the ideal place for sunbathers and sandcastle builders. It is also a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. From your rented beach bed you have a beautiful view of the sea with many kite surfers. Windsurfing and kitesurfing are one of the sports that are widely practiced.

Noordwijk is more than just a beach; it is also a culinary hotspot with beach pavilions and restaurants. In the center of Noordwijk aan Zee you can enjoy shopping and you will also find a piece of history. There are still remnants of the Second World War in various places. And if you want something different, the colorful flower fields in the area - especially during the tulip season - offer a spectacular view that you will not find anywhere else.

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