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Holiday packing list

Holiday packing list with useful holiday tips

27 June 2024

The anticipation of a holiday starts with packing the suitcase, but this sometimes also brings stress. No problem! We have created a number of useful tips and a clear holiday packing list for you (scroll down quickly!). Whether you are going on a flying holiday abroad or going camping in our little country, with this checklist you can be sure that you take everything with you on holiday.

5x holiday tips

1. Open your suitcase a week before departure

Packing your suitcase can be quite a task in itself. Prepare the most important clothing items well in advance, so you still have plenty of time to add or remove items. Especially useful so that you know which clothes still need to be washed and what you can pack. What else should you bring besides clothes? You can download the packing list at the bottom of this blog.

The best way to pack your suitcase and save space is to make sets of clothes in advance. Base the number of sets on the number of days you are going on holiday. Tip: make sure that you can combine the clothing sets with each other. This way you can wear multiple items more often! Want to pack your suitcase without wrinkles? Roll up all clothes. This way you not only make it more organized, but you also save more space at the same time. Furthermore, make sure that the most important documents are in a separate bag that you can easily access if necessary.

2. Download the app for all flight information

Are you flying abroad this summer? Easily download the app of the airline you are flying with, so you will have your boarding passes quickly at hand (which also saves a lot of paperwork!). In addition, you can check in online 24 hours in advance and you will immediately know which seats are for you. This way you don't have to wait long and you can stroll past all the duty-free shops. Win win!

Are you flying via Schiphol? When you download the Schiphol app you can easily see all flight information. This way you have all information about the gate, boarding times and flight numbers in one place. Also very useful for people staying at home. Will they pick you up? They can then easily see what time the plane lands via the app.

3. Plan the trip to the airport in advance

Do you go by public transport or would you rather take a taxi? In any case, make sure you have planned this well in advance. This way you won't be faced with any surprises when you are about to leave.

4. You discover the most beautiful gems online

The anticipation lies not only in packing, but also in looking up what there is to do at your holiday destination. Go crazy on Google to discover the best sights or scour social media in search of the nicest restaurants. Did you come across something nice? Save it! Don't forget to check whether you need a ticket for the activity or whether you need to make a reservation for the restaurant. Do this before your trip, so you can be sure that you have arranged it on time.

5. Lubricate, lubricate and lubricate again

Applying sunscreen is perhaps the most important thing you should continue to do on holiday. And yes, even with sunscreen you can still get a lovely tan. Use a day cream with SPF and don't forget to keep moisturizing throughout the day. This way you are protected from the sun from the first moment and the risk of burning is reduced. Also continue to moisturize your lips with a lip balm with SPF. These can be purchased at the drugstore. How often should you apply sunscreen? That differs whether you are outside all day and how big or small you are. If you are exposed to the sun all day, it is advisable to apply every two hours.

The ultimate Bastion holiday packing list

These holiday tips should go a long way. But what else should you take with you on holiday? We have created a handy holiday list especially for you. This way you can't forget anything and you can be sure that you have everything with you.

You can find the online list here (and you can check it off digitally!)

Would you prefer a physical list? Click here and print it out!

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