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5x the most beautiful cycling routes in North Brabant

5x the most beautiful cycling routes in North Brabant

08 July 2022

Brabant is perfect for the most beautiful cycling routes. You can easily cycle from city to city, you have many routes with a rich history and of course the beautiful nature in this versatile, green province. From the Van Gogh cycling route throughout the province, to a real urban design route in Eindhoven... we have listed 5x the most beautiful cycling routes in North Brabant:

The Van Gogh cycling route

In our opinion, the Van Gogh cycling route is the most unique and versatile route in North Brabant. If you take this route (or part of it), you know the Brabant landscape through and through. This landscape laid the foundation for Van Gogh's work. The well-known painter was born in Zundert and grew up in this province, but has lived in many places in Europe.

The Van Gogh cycle route is 435 kilometers in total, spread over 10 laps. You can combine these rounds by following the Van Gogh connecting routes. You can start in Zundert, where Van Gogh lived until he was 16. In Breda he regularly visited his uncle, who had a great reputation in the art trade. Van Gogh went to school for a short time in Tilburg and had his first drawing lessons. Eindhoven and Neunen have had the greatest influence on Van Gogh's work, between the city and the village you will also find the world -famous Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path.

All information about the cycling routes can be found on Visit Brabant.

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Photos: Visit Brabant

La trappe cycling route

On the outskirts of Tilburg, you will find the La Trappe brewery located in an impressive monastery. The rural area offers beautiful cycling routes from 25 to 58 kilometres. Of course you don't have to be a beer lover to take these routes. The area is full of castles and estates, which you can visit for free. There are also various catering establishments along the routes to take a break. You can also choose to combine the routes with an afternoon at Safari Park Beekse Bergen .

View the cycling routes here.

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Design cycling route

Eindhoven is the city where design, art, culture and innovation come together. All in one place. Eindhoven is known for events such as Dutch Design Week and GLOW light festival. This cycling route is therefore ideal for people who love urban architecture and design. During this route you will cycle past the Philips Museum and the Van Abbemuseum , a museum for contemporary art.

View the cycling route here .

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Loonse and Drunense Duinen cycling route

The Loonse en Drunense Duinen is a national park between Tilburg and Den Bosch. Here you will find sandy plains, forests, water features and beautiful purple heather. A flock of sheep walks around on this heath to naturally maintain the heath. You have several catering establishments in the park, where you can relax while cycling.

View a number of different cycling routes here .

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